Peckas Naturodlingar AB

Peckas Naturodlingar AB is a company using new methods, efficiently creating a strong growing market for local and sustainable produce.

Peckas has developed a concept for effective cyclic farming. Through innovative solutions and a strong commitment to nature and the environment, the company leads the way to the food of the future. Peckas grows rainbow trout and tomatoes in a sustainable way that is then distributed to consumers all over of Sweden. With this non-toxicfarming method,no emissions are emitted. Peckas’ strategy is to offer climate intelligent and toxin free food through its own distributors.

The company has two business divisions: Peckas Naturodlingar and Peckas Solutions.

Peckas Naturodlingar manages its own tomato and rainbow trout farming based on its own knowledge and technology.

Peckas Solutions develops the farming system in order to distribute and share our unique cultivating system with the international market. Our technology includes an AI control system for aquaponic farming on an industrial scale to help international farmers grow food with a new generation of aquaponics.
Our High Coast facility is an aquaponic system consisting of three greenhouses. Our 11,800 m2 greenhouse space incorporates a vertically integrated fish farm, fish processing facility, research and development department, as well as a packaging area, warehouse and offices. As a result of a 3rd greenhouse in full operation at the end of 2019, the current production capacity has expanded to 500 tons tomatoes and 40 tons of rainbow trout.

Upon completion of our 2nd fish farm, the production capacity will expand from 40 tons to 60 tons of rainbow trout. Aquaponic farming is a method in which nutrient-rich water from the fish tank fertilizes tomato plants, and in turn the tomatoes filter the water on its way back to the fish tank. The only thing added is fish feed and minimal amounts of new water. One kilo of fish feed results in one kilo of fish, and about 10-12 kilos of vegetables – climate intelligent, resource effective and totally free from emissions.


Our tomato farming technique makes it possible to reduce
95% of water consumption, compared to traditional farming. Meanwhile
all the nutrients from the fish tanks are utilized in the greenhouse instead of
releasing them into natural waters, where they cause overfertilization and other
types of pollution. The result is climate forward and mouthwatering
tomatoes of exceptional quality. We offer tomatoes on the vine,
cherry tomatoes, round, beef and many other varieties.

Peckas Cherry Tomatoes

Delightfully crunchy, newly harvested cherry tomatoes. Perfect in lighter salads, or simply eaten on their own. Well-loved by all tomato enthusiasts.

Peckas Vine Tomatoes

Extra luxurious cherry tomatoes on the vine.

Marmalades and Barbeque sauces

In cooperation with Gårdsbutiken we created green and red tomato marmalades as well as barbeque sauce for summer nights!

Peckas Round Tomato

The popular everyday tomato with delicious pulp. Delicious on salads and other dishes. Our most popular tomato with an amazing, full-bodied flavour.

Peckas Beef Tomato

Large, juicy and tasty.

Our Fish

Our tasty and organic rainbow trout is farmed with a strong regard to
the environment. Ecologically grown, without chemicals, pesticides
or antibiotics. Peckas Rainbow is a food of the future.

Rainbow Trout can be bought fresh, frozen or smoked. 

Peckas Fresh Rainbow

Farmed organically together with tomatoes in an aquaponic farming system.

Peckas Smoked Rainbow

Taste our sustainably farmed smoked rainbow trout! Only salted, no additional additives.



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Peckas Solutions

Industrial aquaponic system – projection – construction

Projection and sales of the aquaponic system is managed through Peckas Solutions, a daughter company to the innovative aquaponic company, Peckas Naturodlingar. Peckas Solutions offers a turnkey aquaponic farming system to the international market, and thus opens up for more growers to farm with a sustainable, innovative method.

Peckas Solution also develops a steering system based on artificial intelligence for aquaponic farming on an industrial scale to farm food with the new generation of aquaponics.

"Peckas Solutions aquaponic system can be tailored to fit your specific needs." - Daniel Brännström, founder and system developer.

Projection and Construction Department: +4670 377 70 08


Our tomato story started in Härnösand nearly 20 years ago, and not with tomatoes but with fish. When Pecka Nygård saw the issues his ocean fish farm caused the environment, he started trials with fish farming on land.

In large fish tanks, the water was cleaned naturally in grow beds with tomatoes, which in turn produced nutrients from the fish water. The result was healthy fish, a clean ocean and delicious tomatoes.

Based on Pecka Nygård’s experiences, Peckas Tomatoes are now grown in the largest aquaponic cyclic farm in Europe, based in Härnösand, Sweden. The principle is the same, with rainbow trout in fish tanks and tomatoes in grow beds, in an aquaponic system. Pecka Nygård, the owner, continues to help the company grow as a specialist in this field.



Aquaponic farming is good for the environment, good for people, and provides good products, while efficiently using fewer resources than traditional agriculture.

Peckas Naturodlingar farm together
with nature, and our two most important co-workers are the rainbow trout and
bumblebees. By working together with nature,
we are able to harvest naturally rich-tasting tomatoes
and grow fresh rainbow trouts – completely
free of pesticides and produced using 100% green energy.

A fish tank and a greenhouse are the base for the climate-clever food production of the future.
The nutritious water in which the trout swims
is transferred to gravel beds with tomatoes. There, the nutrients are utilized by the tomato plants while the gravel bed cleans
the water, after which it’s oxygenated before it’s returned to the fish tank. Thus
the cycle keeps going – every day, all year around.
The only thing added on a regular basis is fish feed, and minimal amounts of new water in order to
compensate for the water which evaporates and is used up by
the tomato plants.


Peckas Tomatoes farm together with nature.
Our two most important co-workers are the rainbow trout and bumblebees.

The rainbow trout which grows in our fish tanks give nutrients to the tomatoes and in return receive clean water from the tomatoes. In our large cyclic farm you can also hear the buzzing of the bumblebees that live in our 12 bumblebee houses. Without bumblebees, there would be no tomatoes. The bumblebees pollinate the tomato flowers, which is essential for tomato fruits to form.

Delivery home or Pickup

We want locally-produced, climate-friendly and toxin-free food to be easily accessible to you. Therefore there is the possibility for you as an individual or company to order our products, and either pick it up yourself, or get it delivered (only in Härnösand).

Here you can download the price list for individuals.

Here you can fill out an order form.


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About COVID-19, our company and visits

Peckas Naturodlingar AB keeps the facility going, but until further notice we take action to decrease risk of contagion, by not by not accepting visits, spontaneous or booked.

Although the pandemic is a huge tragedy, it feels positive to be a local producer of vegetables and fish that contributes to the country’s food production, if only on a small scale. One future development may be that Sweden can strive towards a higher degree of self-sufficiency.

In response to the pandemic, we are minimizing the risk for external contagion. We have stopped all business trips for our employees and implemented enhanced daily cleanliness and sanitation protocols in our facilities, on top of our standard stringent protocols. We will also close our premises to visitors and will postpone our well-loved open house events. We hope for your understanding of our measures taken and we will keep you updated.

Consumer Info

Taste guarantee

If the product doesn’t live up to your expected quality, we want to solve that for you! Get in touch at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Packaging can be recycled with cardboard. The marmalade and sauce jars can be recycled with glass and metal.


Tomatoes are stored at room temperature.

Fresh & smoked fish are stored in 0-4 degrees celsius.

Consumer contact

General questions: – +46 0611 50 57 60.


Verkstadsvägen 19, 871 54, Härnösand, Sweden


Here you can download the “Decision of Approval of Food Plant” from the Swedish Food Agency.

Here you can see our IP-Sigill Fruits and Greens.

Here you can see our “From Sweden” contract.

Here you can see our IP-Sigill Working Conditions.

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